Director's Message


Director's Message

It is a matter of great pride and privilege for me, as head of the Institute, to introduce you to the activities of the Institute of health professions education and research at Khyber medical university Peshawar. Over the past few years, Khyber medical university has expanded exponentially with the establishment of its various associated institutions.

The Institute of health professions education and research at Khyber medical university ensures the provision of quality medical education that enables the grooming of proficient and human health professionals. Our aim is to produce doctors and paramedics who can deliver the best health care keeping international standards of service delivery in mind.

Our department conducts parallel educational activities in the form of workshops, seminars, and conferences. We emphasize the improvement of communication skills, rational thinking, interprofessional development, curriculum designing, assessment techniques, medical informatics, medical ethics, professionalism, and leadership skills. We firmly trust that innovation in teaching, assessment techniques, and medical care is mandatory and thus we remain very flexible to absorb emerging global trends. A well-designed medical curriculum is the backbone of an institution. We thus emphasize the participation in curriculum planning workshops by our faculty members.

All the above would not have been able to be executed without the unwavering support of the worthy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Zia Ul Haq. He is always passionate to explore and implement advancements in medical education. The development of the research culture in the university is one of his top priorities.

I am also very thankful to all my colleagues, faculty, and staff of Khyber medical university for their supportive role in strengthening the department of medical education.

Dr. Brekhna Jamil


Director IHPER Khyber Medical University